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Eight Life Lessons I Learned Building My Career

  Eight Life Lessons I Learned Building My Career (This is part of a YPNG Mentor Interview by Suzanne Dodson)   LIFE LESSON #1 – Identify which of your “passions” are well suited for a hobby, and which are well suited for a career. Don’t choose a major just based on your salary… but weigh your future financial stability and job security alongside your passion for a chosen career path.     I worked hard in high school and did better than average, but I was not at the very top of my class – I got more A’s than B’s, but not by much. I took several AP classes, but didn’t feel like I could take every AP class offered at my school and still maintain a decent GPA. Based on scholarship & financial aid offers from the schools I applied to, my college choice came down to University...

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Scholarships, Financial Aid and Ways to Reduce College Costs

Scholarships, Financial Aid and Ways to Reduce College Costs Index (Click on Blue to Navigate) I. Waivers for College Applications and Testing Fees II. Application for Federal Student Aid ( FAFSA ) III. Types of Financial Aid IV. Financial Aid Programs Specifically for Oklahoma Students V. Improve Your Scholarship Hunt With Alternative Search Engines VI. Community Foundation Scholarships VII. How Scholarships are Paid VIII. Other Ways to Help Pay for College or Reduce Costs IX. Childcare in College X. Preparing a College Budget   I. Fee Waivers for College Applications and Testing Colleges charge a fee to submit an admissions application and there are fees associated with taking the ACT and SAT academic tests that most colleges require. But these fees can be waived based on your family’s income. As a rule of thumb, if you qualify for free or reduced lunches, you will qualify for these fee waivers. You can apply...

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Preparations for College Beginning the Freshman Year of HS

YPNG College Admissions Preparation Program   Preparation + Intelligent Effort + Persistance = Success Index (Click on Blue or Scroll to Navigate) I. Deciding on a Career that is Right for You II. Your College Application 1. Essay 2. High School Resume and College Interviews 3. Letters of Recommendation III. ACT and SAT Test Scores 1. ACT/SAT prep resources that are completely “free”. IV. Other Things to Know 1. Student Services 2. Map Out Your Classes for Each Year V.  Know the Requirements for an Entry Level Job 1.  Develop Leadership Skill in High School  2. Strong Communication Skills 3. Demonstrate Teamwork I. Deciding on a Career that is Right for You  Before you take any general career tests, do a thorough self- evaluation of your personal strengths and weaknesses. You intuitively know the subjects in school that you like and where you excel. But also look at your other abilities. For example, the YPNG Blog page...

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Securing Oklahoma’s Economic Future

Securing Oklahoma’s Economic Future By Bill Langdon   The declining level of investment in our kid’s education and healthcare is having economic consequences for Oklahoma and threatening the economic future of our state. We no longer have a competitive, well trained and healthy workforce and are not attracting enough well paying jobs that can reverse the declining standard of living faced by the families in our state. Here are the statistics employers see when they consider locating in Oklahoma. We rank 32nd in the percentage of people in our state over 25 that have a high school education but only 42nd in terms of those who have a college degree or 30.8% compared with 34% for the nation as a whole. In addition, Oklahoma now ranks 47th in terms of the educational quality of its public schools as of 2017 and 46th in terms of overall medical health. These are...

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STEM Grads Projected to Earn Highest Average Starting Salaries

Among bachelor’s degree graduates from the Class of 2016, those from the STEM disciplines are expected to receive the highest starting salaries, according results of NACE’s Winter 2016 Salary Survey. The top three projected salaries are for engineering, computer sciences, and math and sciences graduates. Continue Reading

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Make High School Count

Screenshot 2016-05-22 23.15.06

No matter what you dream of doing with your life, preparing yourself for more education beyond high school is your wisest plan right now. Post-high school education can provide valuable experiences that contribute to a better quality of life for you. Here is a series of videos that will show you how to make the most of you time in high school:


Take These Steps to Find and Secure Scholarships

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With tuition, room and board at four-year public colleges and universities averaging nearly $20,000 even for in-state applicants, and private schools charging an average of nearly $44,000, landing scholarships is crucial for many students. And it can be some of the most lucrative things a student can do, said Mark Kantrowitz, publisher and vice president of strategy for, a college search website. Read More:



How to Save Money on Textbooks

Screenshot 2015-08-18 11.29.37Students like are saving money through online marketplaces for used, new, rental or electronic textbooks. You can even rent textbooks rather than buy them. For example, Some McGraw Hill textbooks are 50% less as an electronic book. This article points out a number of online marketplaces and other strategies to reduce the cost of your textbooks. It was written by Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, a writer for the Washington Post, and has links to a number of resources. Read More

United States Military Entrance Processing

Screenshot 2015-07-27 13.48.56USMEPCOM is the first joint military and civilian organization providing a gateway through which applicants enter the armed service. the site covers everything you need to know about the enlistment process as well as links to all branches of the armed services including:

  • Military enlistment process
  • Your local MEPS
  • Your MEPS personnel directory
  • Processing forms
  • Related publications
  • Testing schedules*
  • Entrance processing regulations
  • MEPCOM Headquarters and resources

*Each applicant for military service is required to take the CAT-ASVAB, which measures aptitude in a broad range of career fields. A product of more than 50 years of research, the ASVAB is now available in both computerized (CAT-ASVAB) and traditional “paper and pencil” versions. Each service combines the test section results to produce its own unique scores for various career fields.

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Free MAPP career test

Most career tests simply give you insights into your personality. The MAPP test also offers people new insights into what they’re naturally drawn toward and how they can develop this into a satisfying career. The test also gives young people a vision for what their future career could be. There are 900 jobs that are sorted in order of the student’s unique test results after they take the online career test. Take the MAPP Career and Personality Test for FREE The MAPP assessment has undergone extensive validity and reliability testing by a number of psychologists, including correlating the results to the Strong Interest Inventory®. Validity and reliability studies also indicate that the MAPP test is consistent over time. Take the MAPP Test for FREE

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