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Behavioral Health Counselor

Mentor - Premadonna Braddick

Me'hkia Frazier interviews Premadonna Braddick, a Behavioral Health Counselor specializing in crises counseling, depression, anger-management, and marriage counseling. Me'hkia is a student at Langston Hughes Academy in Tulsa, OK.



Associate Professor of Chemistry

Mentor - Dr. Sharon Lewis

Me'hkia Frazier interviews Dr. Sharon Lewis, an associate professor of chemistry at Langston University. Dr. Lewis has been recognized as an outstanding mentor by the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence. Me'hkia is a student at Langston Hughes Academy in Tulsa, OK.



Accounting Manager & Trailblazer

Mentor - Carl Bracy

Interview by Eric Thomas of Carl Bracy defining success. Carl is an Accounting Manager and trailblazer in business. Eric Thomas is a student at Langston Hughes Academy in Tulsa, OK.



Cox Area Field Manager

Mentor - Jamel Fields

Me'hkia Frazier interviews Jamel Fields, a Cox Area Field Manager. Me'hkia is a student at Langston Hughes Academy in Tulsa, OK.



Agronomy and Soil Sciences

Mentor - Dr. Jeff Edwards

Dr. Jeff Edwards, the head of Agronomy and Soil Sciences at OSU, talks about careers in agriculture that are in high demand in OK.



Realty Owner

Mentor - Tomas Barrientos

Tomas Barrientos discusses career opportunities in real estate. Tomas has an MBA and is the managing broker of his own firm.



Founder of Gateway Mortgage

Mentor - Kevin Stitt

Keven Stitt is the Founder of Gateway Mortgage, an INC Magazine top 5000 business. He was interviewed by Bixby HS Student Maximus DeVore.



Tulsa Tech Career Academy Graduate

Mentor - Marco Valadez

Marco Valadez graduated with good grades from Tulsa Tech’s Career Academy after struggling to keep up in his high school. After graduation, he was promoted by his employer and started a part time business.



Tulsa Tech Career Academy Graduate

Mentor - Chris Brackett

Chris Brackett talks about how Tulsa Tech’s Career Academy helped him get his diploma and trained him for a career in manufacturing.



Head of Tulsa Tech's Career Academy

Mentor - Dr. Richard Palazzo

Dr. Richard Palazzo, the head of Tulsa Tech's Career Academy, talks about alternative education programs available to at risk high school students.



Digital Advertising Producer

Mentor - Dana Jacobs

Dana Jacobs is a digital advertising producer at the Tulsa advertising agency, Acrobat Ant.  In her interview, Dana tells you how she built a career in a field that uses a combination of business and artistic skills.




Mentor - David Davis

David Davis is an entrepreneur in Tulsa with interests in finance, accounting and real estate. David grew up in Detroit and was the first in his family to graduate from college.



Renewable Energy Company Founder

Mentor – David Jankowsky

This  video interview was made by Frank Muller, a student studying film and video at Jenks High School in a class taught by Clifton Raphael. David started Francis Renewable Energy, LLC (FRE) in 2015 to provide solar, geothermal and other energy efficient systems for the residential, commercial and public sectors.



Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic 

Mentor – Steve Nguyen

Steve is the Coordinator of the Emergency Medical Services Program at Tulsa Tech, where you can become certified as an emergency medical technician (EMT) while you are still in high school.



Pharmacy Technician Instructor

 Mentor – Nicole Hanselman

Nicole is an instructor for the Pharmacy Technician program at Tulsa Tech’s Health Sciences Center. This program is designed for high school seniors and prepares them for the national certification exam after they graduate.