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Video and Audio Podcast Episodes and Interviews with YPNG Mentors

These are the first two videos, we will add more media in time.


Renewable Energy Company Founder

Mentor – David Jankowsky

This  video interview was made by Frank Muller, a student studying film and video at Jenks High School in a class taught by Clifton Raphael. David started Francis Renewable Energy, LLC (FRE) in 2015 to provide solar, geothermal and other energy efficient systems for the residential, commercial and public sectors. Demand for renewables is growing because advances in the technology have reduced the cost of solar electricity and geothermal heating and cooling to the point where they are now more economic than systems using fossil fuels. Renewables are expected to gain an even greater cost advantage as the technology continues to improve. Renewables also offer the additional benefit of reducing pollution and carbon emissions in a meaningful way, while providing energy security by eliminating the use of the utilities’ transmission infrastructure, which we have seen is susceptible to hacking and other terrorist activities. Because of these advantages over fossil fuels, jobs in renewable energy are growing rapidly worldwide while jobs in the fossil fuel industry have been shrinking. The most recent US government employment survey in 2015 shows that more people had jobs in renewable energy than either coal or oil and gas, and total capital investment in renewable technologies for the first time in 2016 eclipsed total capital investment in the oil and gas sector.


Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic 

Mentor – Steve Nguyen

Steve is the Coordinator of the Emergency Medical Services Program at Tulsa Tech, where you can become certified as an emergency medical technician (EMT) while you are still in high school. After graduation, you can then take the additional courses required to become a Paramedic. Steve first got his EMT certification and started working for emergency medical service providers while he took classes to become a paramedic. He then completed a bachelor’s in business management, with the idea of working his way up the corporate ladder at EMSA, where he was employed as a paramedic. But Steve’s career path changed after he was hired as a part-time instructor at Tulsa Tech and found he also had a passion for teaching. He went back to school once more for a master’s in education and now heads the program.


Pharmacy Technician Instructor

 Mentor – Nicole Hanselman

Nicole is an instructor for the Pharmacy Technician program at Tulsa Tech’s Health Sciences Center. This program is designed for high school seniors and prepares them for the national certification exam after they graduate. With this certification, students are able to start out earning a good wage with their high school diploma. For people who want to go on to college, being a pharmacy technician is a great way to earn money while you are going to school, because many pharmacies are open twenty-four hours a day or some have extended hours making work schedules flexible. Nicole paid for most of her bachelor’s degree by working as a pharmacy tech while she attended college. Besides jobs in a retail pharmacy, pharmacy tech’s can also work in hospitals, where they can learn to fill floor stock, do sterile and non-sterile compounding, and work in specialized satellite pharmacies within the hospital. Pharmacy technicians can also work in compounding pharmacies, where they learn to make specialized medication dosages.Demand for pharmacy technicians is expected to be strong for many years because of the aging population and increases in chronic diseases like diabetes among all age groups, which is increasing the demand for pharmaceuticals.