YPNG Events – English


YPNG Oklahoma’s Promise Student/Parent Workshops Will be Held at Two Locations

1. TPS Parent Resource Center OK’s Promise Student/Parent Workshops

(The TPS Parent Resouce Center is located at 525 E 46th St, N. just west of N. Peoria)

Saturdays – 12 to 3

  • September 23rd

  • October 28th

  • November 18th

2. Legacy Plaza  OK’s Promise Student/Parent Workshops

(YPNG’s Training Room is loacated off the lobby of  the East Tower at 5330 E. 31st St  just east of Yale)

Saturdays – 10 to 1

  • October 7th

  • November 11th

  • December 2nd

We would appreciate it if you would let us know if you are planning on attending one of these workshops by emailing us at Help@ypng.co

Here is How You Can Prepare for the Workshops and  Fill Your Application Out Faster

Please read the material on the Promise Application  found on the page”Application Information and Instructional Videos for Promise and FAFSA” under the College Bound Resources pulldown on the YPNG.co homepage. It will show you what you need to bring to the workshops and will get you  familiar with the application before the workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions about OK’s Promise

Q. What is the family income limit? 

A. Currently $60,000 for a family with two dependent children,  $70,000 with 3 to 4 dependent children and $80,000 for five or more.  

Q. What financial information should parents include on the applications to verity income and upload with the application?

A. A copy of a tax return. if you do not file a tax return, a copy of W-2s from an employer, Social Security benefits statement, unemployment comp or statements documenting other sources.

Q. Do Guardians have to provide income information?

A. No. Guardians only provide the legal document appointing them Guardians.

Q. What if I am the parent but do not take the tax deduction for the student?

A. It does not matter if the parent does not take the tax deduction for their student. The Regents who administer Oklahoma’s Promise are only interested in verifying family income.

Q. What courses must the student complete to qualify of Oklahoma’s Promise?

A. The TPS Work Force Ready/College Prep curriculum includes the required coursed.

Q. What are the advantages of applying online versus mailing the applications?

A. Since the data does not have to be manually entered by the administrators, the application is processed faster. You also save on postage and copy costs. If you do not have easy access to a scanner, you can take pictures of your financial documents with your smart phone and send them to your computer so you can upload them to the application.

Q. Who can view my application and financial information and is my privacy protected?

A. Only the staff at the OK Regents for Higher Education who run OK’s Promise. They do not share it with anyone including the IRS, ICE or any other State or Federal agency.

The FAFSA Will Open in December

We will be working with TPS to schedule FAFSA student/parent workshops and will post dates in November. The FAFSA is delayed this year because of the large number of changes being made to simplify the application. The opening date will go back to October next year.