YPNG’s programs are designed to increase the number of students from low income families in TPS high schools who go on to college or get other advanced education and training after they graduate. 


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Our programs address an urgent need. The percentage of jobs open to high school graduates in our state is projected to drop from 47% today to 23% by 2028 according to the Oklahoma State System for Higher Education because of advancing technology. Yet college enrollment for our state’s high school graduates is not rising to meet the challenge and is instead declining. It is a particular problem for TPS high schools that serve low income neighborhoods like McLain HS where only 40% of the 78% of students who graduate go on to college or get advanced training compared to 59% for all TPS HS graduates. We want more of Tulsa’s young people to become part of the workforce that benefits from changing technology and not be punished by it by helping students from low income families build a record of achievement in high school and go on and get the post high school education they will need to thrive in our rapidly evolving economy. Have a better educated workforce will also help grow Oklahoma’s economy and benefit everyone. 


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YPNG is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, tax id 82-2463517


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