Workshops for FAFSA and OK Promise

WorkShops for FAFSA and OK Promise ( English and Spanish)

These Workshops will be held online until the schools and libraries are fully opened. Sign up early so we can match you with a volunteer who will help you complete and file the applications. Let’s get our high school students on tract with their required course work for OK’s Promise and so our Seniors are able to file their FAFSA with their college or technical school application. The earlier they file both, the more money they will receive in scholarships, grants and work/study programs.

Student/Parent FAFSA Workshops Starting October 1st

 After you fill out your FAFSA, you will be able to appy to many soures of scholarships and financial aid that does not have to be repaid. It is free money!

  • Income based scholarships and grants as well as merit-based scholarships and work/study programs require a FAFSA.
  • Tulsa Achieves, a grant which pays tuition at Tulsa Community College for TPS graduating seniors requires a FAFSA.
  • The FAFSA is also needed to apply for Tulsa Tech’s “Accelerated Indpendence” scholarship that lets you attend tuition free. 

Make an Appointment for Parent/Student FAFSA Workshops

e-mail LuShauna Blalock at

Workshops Online or at McLain HS, County Libraries




Good Grades are Money in the Bank!

 Oklahoma Promise will pay tuition to a public two-year college or four-year university.

OR a portion of tuition at an accredited OK private college or university.

OR a portion of tuition for approved programs at OK public tech centers.


Some of the Requirements for Student and Parents

  • Must average a 2.5 GPA for Core courses and all course work for 9th through 12th
  • You can enroll in the 8th, 9th or 10th grade
  • Parents’ Adjusted Gross Family Income may not exceed $55k in 2020 and $60k in 2021.
  • Must take 17 hours of OK Promise Core Curriculum.

Apply for OK’s Promise for Your Tuition Money! 

Make an Appointment for Parent/Student Workshops

e-mail LuShauna Blalock at 

 Workshops Online or at McLain HS and County Libraries  




Talleres FAFSA para Estudiantes/Padres A partir del 1de octubre

El jugo vale la pena el squeeze


Después de completar la aplicación de FAFSA, usted tendrá la oportunidad de aplicar a  muchos becas y ayuda financiera que no tiene que ser reembolsado. ¡Es dinero gratis!

  • Las becas estan basadas en los ingresos, así como las becas basadas en el mérito y los programas de trabajo/estudio, requieren el FAFSA
  • Tulsa Achieves, una beca que paga la matrícula en Tulsa Community College para personas del ultimo grado de TPS requiere el FAFSA
  • La FAFSA también es necesaria para solicitar la beca “Accelerated Indpendence” de Tulsa Tech que le permíte asistir gratuitamente.

Haga una cita para los talleres FAFSA para padres/estudiantes

Mande un correo electrónico a LuShauna Blalock en

Talleres en línea o en McLain HS, o en las bibliotecas del condado de Tulsa



Buenas calificaciones es dinero en el banco!

Oklahoma pagará la matrícula a  una universidad pública de dos años o a una universidad de cuatro años.

O una parte de la matrícula en una universidad o universidad privada acreditada.

O una parte de la matrícula para programas aprobados en los centros técnicos públicos de OK.

Algunos de los requisitos para estudiantes y padres

  • Debe promediar un GPA de 2.5 para los cursos básicos y todos los cursos funcionan del grado 9 al 12.
  • Puede inscribirse en el grado 8th, 9th, 10th
  • El Ingreso Familiar Bruto Ajustado de los Padres no puede exceder $55 mil en el 2020 y $60 mil en el 2021.
  • Debe tomar 17 horas de OK Promise Core Curriculum.

¡Solicite for  la Promesa de OK para su dinero de matrícula!

Haga una cita para los talleres para padres/estudiantes

Mande un correo electrónico a LuShauna Blalock en

Talleres en línea o en McLain HS y Bibliotecas del Condado