Workshops for FAFSA and OK Promise

WorkShops for FAFSA and OK Promise ( English and Spanish)


FAFSA Workshops for TPS Seniors and their Parents

attending these high schools

 Central, McLain, Memorial, Hale, Tulsa Honor Academy, Webster


Student Workshops are scheduled by teachers and counselors on the specified dates listed  at different times so the student will not have to miss an academic classes.

Some Student/Parent Workshops will be at the TPS Parent Resource Center 525 E. 46th St. N, Tulsa an Casa de la Cultura 1515 North Harvard. Workshops at the PRC will have separate  areas for English and Spanish Speakers. Events at Casa de la Culture will be entirely in Spanish.



Student Workshops                             Wednesday, September 21st

Student/Parent Workshops                Saturday, October 8th at the PRC from 10-2



Student Workshops                            Tuesday, September 27th

Student/Parent Workshops                Saturday, October 15th at Central



Student Workshop                              Thursday, September 22nd

Student/Parent Workshops              Tuesday, October 11th from 4 -7 at Memorial

Tulsa Honors Academy

Student Workshops                            To be announced

Student/Parent Workshops.             Saturdays, October 1st and 8th at THA

 Nathan Hale                                      

Student Workshops                            Tuesday, September 20th at Hale

Student/Parent Workshop               Thursday, October 13th from 4-7 at Hale (English)

                                                                Saturday, October 15th from 10-2 at Case del la Cultur


We are in the process of picking dates. The  Student/Parent Workshop  will be during the week from 4-7. .


Here is How You Can Prepare for the Workshops and  Fill Your Application Out Faster


Please read the material under the heading What to Know Before You Start to Fill Out Your FAFSA found on the page”Application Information and Instructional Videos for Promise and FAFSA” under the College Bound Resources pulldown. It will show you what information you need to bring to the workshop and  how to get a student and parent FAFSA ID and password you will need to  sign in to the website where you will start the FAFSA application. There is a short instructional video that  that will get you  familiar with the application and save you time when you fill out the application.