Application Information, Instructional Videos. Live Tutoring

Application Information and Instructional Videos


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I. Oklahoma College Admissions

  1. General College Guide by the Oklahoma Board of Regents
  2. University of Oklahoma Webinar on Admissions,  Scholarships and Financial Aid
  3. Oklahoma State University Webinar on Admissions,  Scholarships and Financial Aid

II. Oklahoma’s Promise

  1. Videos of Student attending Oklahoma Colleges with the help of the Promise program
  2. Individual College Promise Information

III. Federal Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA)

  1. FAFSA Instructional Videos (English)
  2. FAFSA Instructional Videos (Spainish)

IV. College Application Instructional Videos

  1. College Essays
  2. Letters of Recommendation from Teachers for College Applications Videos
  3. College Admissions Interview Instructional Videos
  4. High School Resumes

V. Making High School Count – Videos

VI. Online Help 24/7 – Tulsa County Library and “Brainfuse”

  1. Live Tutoring for writing college essays and resumes
  2. ACT and SAT prep and practice testing
  3. Homework help on many academic subjects
  4. Tutors Available for Spanish Speakers

VII. Tulsa County Library and other Oklahoma Libraries

  1. Videos, DVD’s and Books on College Applications and Scholarships


I. Oklahoma College Admissions 

  1. Guide by the by the Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education

The link will let you download the entire guide published by the Regents for high school counselors to use when working with their students and is updated every year.

    2. University of Oklahoma Webinar on Admissions and Scholarships

Link to Video

3, Oklahoma State University Webinar on Admissions,  Scholarships and Financial Aid

Link to Video

II. Oklahoma’s Promise

Here is the link for Oklahoma’s Promise Application Form and information on what it takes to qualify like the mandatory high school college preparation classes and family income levels:

Videos of Students attending Oklahoma Colleges with the help of the Promise program

Information on Oklahoma’s Promise for High School Seniors

  1.  Individual College Promise Information

III. Federal Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA)

FAFSA forms are required to be filled at the end of each year of college for Oklahoma’s Promise recipients so the income requirements can be verified.  Many scholarships, grants, work study programs and other financial aid also use this form as part of their application process. It is a detailed form that you should review and understand before you begin the application. We have a 15-minute instructional video that will walk you through the application process.

Before you begin filling out the form, First Determine if you are considered dependent or independent by the Federal Government.

If you are considered a dependent, then your parents must fill out their part of the form that may require them to submit things like their W-2s and tax returns depending on their answers to questions on the FAFSA application. For many applicants, the parent’s tax information can be downloaded directly from the IRS into these forms.

Filing out the FAFSA form is free. The application is at

  1. FAFSA Instructional Videos (English)  

Full Walkthrough for 2021 -22 FAFSA.

Parent’s Gide –

  1. FAFSA Instructional Video (Spanish)

IV. College Application Instructional Videos

1. College Essay Instructional Videos


2.  Letters of Recommendation from Teachers for College Applications Videos

3. College Admissions Interview Instructional Videos

4. High School Resumes


V. Making High School Count – Videos

VI. Online Help with Your HS College Prep – TC Library and “Brainfuse”

Tulsa County Library members have free access to“Brainfuse” , a 24/7 online tutoring provider where students and tutors can communicate in real-time. In addition to personal academic tutoring, Brainfuse’s “HelpNow” also offers students a number of online services that will help you with your college prep like ACT and SAT practice testing and writing essays and resumes for your college application

Here is a summary of what you will find on this page at the Tulsa County Library’s Website:

  • Live Tutoring: You can Enter online classrooms and receive live, online help from a Brainfuse tutor.
  • Skills-Building:Helps you master an academic concept through expert tutoring and standards aligned online lessons for a variety of age groups and subjects.
  • 24/7 Help Center: Submit a question and a tutor will provide you with a response (usually within 24 hours).
  • Foreign Language Lab:Provides assistance and support for students who are learning Spanish.
  • Writing Lab:HelpNow offers two types of writing assistance.
    • Live Writing Assistance:Connect with an online tutor for expert writing assistance with our live help feature. Live help is particularly helpful during the initial stages of the writing process when you are working on the organizational and thematic features of your paper.
    • Intensive Writing Lab: For a more thorough analysis, simply select ?riting Lab?from the launch menu and submit your writing via our secure messaging feature. Within approximately 24 hours of submitting your paper, you will receive a detailed analysis of your paper in your message center inbox. Our writing experts are trained to focus their analysis on voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and organization.
  • Test Center:Visit our online assessment library to take practice quizzes in standardized tests like the SAT and ACT and practice subject specific tests, like math and science.
  • Flashbulb: Online flashcard sets on hundreds of subjects. You can also create your own flashcards and multiple choice quizzes for efficient self-study on both computers and mobile devices.
  • Collaboration:Study with your peers or school instructors online with “MEET”, which lets you easily schedule online meetings in the Brainfuse classroom. Use MEET to study for tests, work on assignments, or collaborate on projects.
  • Brainwave?:Brainwave? allows you to record a movie of your activity on the Brainfuse whiteboard for note-taking purposes or send them when an ordinary email isn’t enough. Brainwave is ideal for recording solutions to homework problems, class projects, or any other concepts that involve motion or sequencing. New Brainwaves are continuously added to the archive.

VII. Tulsa County Library and other Oklahoma Library Videos, DVD’s and Books

The Tulsa County Library has over 130 books, about a dozen DVDs and two instructional videos on all aspects of the the college application process, applying for scholarships and writing college essays and resumes. All you have to do is apply on line or in person for a library card.If you are a student in the Tulsa Public School System, you are already enrolled. You library card number is your student id number.

Two of the instructional videos you can download. Here is a link to one o f the downloadable videos:

If you don’t live in Tulsa County, there are other Oklahoma public library’s where you can get access to books on college admissions, DVDs and  instructional videos:

Eastern Oklahoma Dist. Library Muskoge, OK

OSU Institute of Technology Okmulgee, OK

Southeastern Public Library McClaster, OK

Metropolitan Library System, Oklahoma City. OK

Public Library of Enid and Garfield County, Enid,