Why You Should Seriously Consider an Apprenticeship In the Skilled Trades

Apprenticeship programs are a way for motivated people to learn while you earn.  Plus, skilled trades often pay as well or more than jobs that require a college degree.

Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction and generally require two to four years of training.  Individual employers, partnerships between business and technical schools, and labor unions are the primary sponsors of these types of programs. Unions by themselves train more than 450,000 workers each year.

There are many apprenticeships in the Tulsa area in traditional skilled trades  like plumbers, electricians and carpenters as well as some often overlooked trades like heating and air conditioning. There are also emerging jobs in green energy like solar panel installation and service as well as wind turbine installation and maintenance that are starting to offer apprenticeship programs.. Apprenticeship programs for these trades are run by unions, local  businesses and tech schools.

Getting into the apprenticeship programs is competitive just like getting into college. The sponsors consider your grades, aptitude tests and there are interviews where they can assess your attitude and motivation.

To help you research possible careers that offer apprenticeships, there are a number of Meitor articles from people in the skilled trades who will share their personal experiences in specific careers where apprenticeships are available so you can see which ones might interest you.

Paid Internships In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Besides apprenticeships, Tulsa Tech and the Oklahoma State Institute of Technology in Okmulgee both work with a number of companies that have internship programs like auto dealers, heating and air, electrical utilities, telephone and cable and pipeline companies. They will test you and then hire students to work for a period of time and then enrol you in programs they help sponsor at these technical schools and will help you to  continue to advance your technical education. While you can take Tulsa Tech programs during high school, you cannot enter these OSIT internships programs until you graduate and are at least 18. But OSU Tech does offer the opportuity to get an Associates degree with creidts that will transfer to a four year college if you later decide to further advance your education.


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