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About Young People of the Next Generation (YPNG)

YPNG’s mission is to provide you with the information you need to research the many career options available, the training and skills that are required and each individual career’s economic prospects. We formed YPNG to help with career planning because making a good career choice is one of the most important decisions a young person will ever make. This choice determines how you spend the majority of time throughout your adult life as well as your ability to support yourself and your family. You want this decision to be a good economic one but also one that allows you to develop and grow your talents. Yet many young people do not have the resources needed to identify the many career opportunities that are available and their economic prospects. As a result, it is not uncommon to find young people graduating with expensive degrees from colleges and technical schools and a lot of tuition debt but unable to find good jobs. YPNG wants to help change this by giving you the information to help you make both a fulfilling career choice and one that will prove to be a worthwhile investment of your time and money. We want to do this by bringing you people with diverse career experiences that includes small businessmen, entrepreneurs and tradespeople along with professionals in careers that require college.

One of the keys to YPNG’s approach to help you make good career choices is our Mentor Program. Mentors are important. The majority of successful people have had someone who has guided them when they were first choosing and beginning a career. We are looking for people to become YPNG mentors who are successful in a broad variety of career categories. Mentors will share with you what their career involves, the kinds of personal skills required, the training needed to pursue each career as well as what they see as future prospects for growth. There will also be related articles posted to help you get a better assessment of the career paths you are researching.

At this early stage of YPNG’s development, help us by encouraging people you would like to hear from to participate as mentors. Our initial focus will be to recruit as many mentors as possible and expand YPNG’s career categories to include all those that have strong future growth prospects and that may be less visible. We also want to encourage your participation in the development of virtual classrooms where you can share your questions and point of view on issues relevant to you with our mentors. This is your site made up of people who want to help you succeed. Give us your thoughts on what is the most helpful and meaningful to you. Any suggestions or questions can be sent to wclangdon@ypng.co.

YPNG recently received the “2023 McLain Community Award” from the McClain HS Foundation. YPNG has worked with McLain students and parents over the past five years showing them why they will need a postsecondary education to be able to compete in our rapidly changing economy and how to pay for that education without student loans. Advances in robotics and artificial intelligence are projected to eliminate over half the jobs now filled by high school graduates by 2030. These will be replaced with better, higher paying jobs for those with advanced technical training or a college education.

The Award was presented by the McLain’s Foundation’s President, LuShauna Blalock Humphrey, to YPNG’s founder, Bill Langdon, and three of YPNG’s Board Members including Premadonna Braddick, Mareo Johnson, and Christella Chavez.