RaiseMe Program


Let YPNG Help You Earn More Money for College with RaiseMe

YPNG has become part of a new free scholarship program called RaiseMe where TPS students can start earning scholarship money as early as 9th grade from micro-scholarships tied to a growing list of 250+ colleges that include OU, KU, Penn State, Wisconsin, UMass, Denison, Tulane and HSBCUs. The participating colleges award these scholarships based on good grades, community service, extracurricular activities, and other individual achievements. The better your grades, the more engaged you are with the Tulsa community and your school, the more money you will earn.

YPNG has been designated a RaiseMe Mentor and Educator. If you are a TPS high school student and sign up though the YPNG RaiseMe link below, we will be able to track your progress through high school and help you maximize the amount of money you will earn. When it is time to apply to colleges and for additional scholarships, YPNG will be there to help you with these applications.

YPNG Sign UP Link: https://www.raise.me/join/3776462231

The RaiseMe pulldown at the top of the YPNG.co website has more details to get you started:

  • A list of frequently asked questions about their micro-scholarships and video links.
  • Instructions on How to Find a Good College Match.
  • A list of the HSBCUs participating in the program.

For more information, contact Bill Langdon at wclangdon@ypng.co