“College Majors Handbook with Real Career Paths and Payoffs” by Neeta P. Fogg, Ph.D., Paul E. Harrignton, Ed.D and several more.

This book’s foundation is a U.S. Census Bureau study of 170,000 college graduates in 50 majors, a huge data base that gives you confidence in the accuracy of the authors’ observations and conclusions about the earnings of each major as well as future job and earnings projections for each category, a description of what the jobs entail, job satisfaction in each major and information on future education that is likely to be necessary to stay competitive. But the authors go further than just reciting statistics and discuss important steps a high school student needs to take before going to college. A good book to give a high school student or someone in college trying to decide on a career path a realistic assessment of what to expect if they graduate with one of these majors.

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