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Paid internships offer you the opportunity to earn while you learn much like an apprenticeship. The main difference is that most aCollege Student Having Meeting With Tutor To Discuss Workpprenticeships involve the construction trades and can take up to five years to complete while a paid internship usually involves either a technical or white-collar job and can be completed in a shorter period of time and can last as little as a few months or one or two years. For example, one of the longest internships YPNG has listed is to train to become an auto technician. This involves six months working with techs at the dealership and then up to two years supplementing you
r training at a technical school where you learn more about how to maintain th
e types of vehicles sold at the dealership sponsoring your internship. There are also internships for both college and high school students that last for only a few months over the summer. These short-term internships amount to summer jobs that can be a good way to initially learn more about a particular field and later to gain experience that will give you the opportunity to show employers how you are able to create value for them.

Because most companies treat these paid internship programs as an important wScreenshot 2015-10-16 12.11.56ay to attract talent, recent studies show the rate at wFinancial planning consultationhich people graduating from college get hired for full time jobs after working as a paid intern is high. That is not true fr many unpaid internships that are offered by some companies. Statistical research on college students conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers over three years suggest very little difference in the job offers received by people who have had unpaid internships compared to graduates with no internship experience at all.


So these statistical studies go against the assumption of many people that the experience you get from an unpaid internship will help you get a job. For that reason, YPNG is concentrating on building lists of paid internships and internships where sponsors work closely with technical schools and colleges. Here is a link to a page with internship sponsors: (Paid Internships).

We are also looking for companies to help us develop more paid internship programs for people already in the labor force. There are many young people working for minimum wage who have family responsibilities and cannot afford to quit and go back to school. By creating more paid internships, a company can build a pipeline of talented people who have already established a good work record and are motivated to earn more money to better support their families. If you would consider such a program, please contact us and we will discuss ways to work with you to attract good candidates.


Contact YPNG to add your paid internship to our list of quality learning programs.

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