States in the Midwest Investing more in Apprenticeship Programs

This short article is an example of many similar articles that talk about the recent expansion of apprenticeship programs in the U.S. It is meant to show why states are working with business to expand these programs.

More information on apprenticeships is on the YPNG website and is discussed in several Mentor articles particularly those in the  skilled trades.

In late 2013, the Wisconsin Legislature approved two bills that have since been signed into law. One expands the state’s existing apprenticeship program, while the second creates a new tuition-reimbursement program.   With passage of these proposals, Wisconsin joins 16 other states that offer subsidies to students or businesses engaging in apprenticeship programs, according to the Center for American Progress.   SB 336 increases funding for the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Program by $500,000 annually. The program provides on-the-job training and technical, college-level instruction at local high schools. In 2012, the program trained nearly 1,900 apprentices under the guidance of 1,300 employers; 81 percent of the graduates received job offers from the participating employer.

Read the full article on CSC Midwest.

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